Hi ya’ll, my name is Emilie…so glad to meet you!  Welcome to my blog!

I am a 7th generation Texas girl with a love of food and cooking and some definite hippie tendencies!   I have a love of kombucha, muesli, chia seeds, vegetarian food…oh, and I couldn’t live without my canvas shoes and “Life is Good” t-shirts!  I also have deep love and fondness for the home cooked Texas food that I grew up eating…biscuits & gravy, fried pork chops with rice & gravy (oh, how I love gravy!), buttermilk pie, fresh whipped cream on everything…oh, lord.  That being said, those indulgent foods don’t necessarily love me!  Over the past 20 years, I have learned that amazing food doesn’t have to be filled with sugar, grains or preservatives and food that is great for you doesn’t have to be boring!  These days I live on a Ranch out in the middle of Texas, home-school my girls, raise animals, cook for Ranch guests and specialize in creating delicious whole food recipes that are 100% gluten free, mostly low carb/keto and always kid and Cowboy approved!  

The Cowboy!

A little more about me…

About 19 years ago on the Fourth of July, this girl fell head over heels in love with a blue-blooded, meat and potatoes loving, Texas cowboy who loves cook for me and makes me laugh.  He is truly my angel and my best friend.  We have a blast cooking and DIYing together and we have tried our best to tweak and blend our cooking (and eating) styles.  Along with us on this adventure, we have two gorgeous, feisty (and polar opposite) girls, Maddie & Paige, and two spoiled rotten little dogs, Bella and Dakota.

The love of food and cooking is in my blood.  My great-grandmother, Big Granny, and my mom and stepmom have all owned restaurants and catering businesses.  So in 2010, it was my turn and I left the nonprofit world and to open my own lunch spot/sandwich shop.  The next two years was an incredible adventure. I learned a ton about myself , my business and I met some incredible people…but I had two little girls who needed me and I realized I was missing out on moments I would never get back.  After two years of success and award winning food, I left the restaurant business and went back to nonprofit work.  Since then, I have been searching for a creative outlet where I can share my love of food, cooking and my crazy Texas life and this is it!

In August of 2017, both the Cowboy and I left the jobs and careers that we have had for the past 15+ years, sold our house, picked up our family and moved to a ranch out in the middle of Texas to embark on a new adventure in our lives.  We entertain and host guests from all over the country, raise animals and take care of the day to day chores on the ranch.  I spend my days homeschooling the girls, helping the Cowboy on the Ranch and cooking and preparing meals for all of our Ranch guests!

My Girls!

I do my best every day to be the best wife and mom I can to this crazy bunch.  Preparing meals for hungry Ranch guests and my family includes cooking for a wide variety of tastes and needs.  I have come a long way since the TV dinners, boxed dinners and toaster pastries of my youth.  We try to cook and eat mostly unprocessed, whole foods that include lots of veggies and ingredients that my Big Granny would recognize, and that are kid friendly, guest and cowboy approved.  Basically, I take the Texas recipes that we love and grew up with and give them a little healthy, hippie twist!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2016, so 100% of my recipes are gluten free but no matter your dietary lifestyle, I guarantee you will find something here that knocks your socks off.  I believe that foods don’t have to be sugar laden to be incredibly delicious.  Maddie and I eat low carb/keto because of dietary need but we have family members and guests that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, keto and paleo…so I got you covered.  Under Recipes, you will find a variety of gluten free, lip-smacking, soul satisfying recipes that are just plain good for you…and you will find good ole’ authentic Texas recipes that will just put a big honkin’ smile on your face. 

One day just a few years ago, I came home from a trip to Houston with my stepmom (mom #2).  I was proudly rockin’ a new shoulder bag I bought, complete with tie dyed fringe and a huge peace sign on the front.  When my husband saw me he proudly called me his “granola girl”, I was flattered, it stuck with me and the Texas Granola Girl was born.  I have always been the one in my family pushing the envelope and jumping without abandon into new adventures…and I am not stopping now. 

Join me…

Peace & Love,