Keto Frozen Blackberry Lemonade

Hundred degree temps call for something cool, refreshing and completely  keto friendly like this Keto Frozen Blackberry Lemonade.  Easy,  delicious and completely dairy free, this creamy frozen lemonade is my  go to summer treat!

– Fresh Lemon Juice – Coconut Cream – Almond Milk – Sweetener – Fresh Blackberries – Ice


You can use any low carb sweetener you like in this simple and cool keto frozen blackberry lemonade.  I like to use Pyure Organic Stevia Blend in smoothies and cold drinks because it dissolves well and has no aftertaste.

What sweetener should I use for this frozen lemonade?

Fresh berries are one of my other favorite summer treats, so I love  using them in this frozen lemonade.  That being said, frozen  blackberries are fine to use but the amount of ice will need to be  adjusted slightly.  See the recipe notes!

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