Keto Texas Venison Chili

This keto Venison Chili is absolutely delish…the perfect blend of spices, simmered slow to deepen all those yummy Texas flavors! Eat it plain or pile on the toppings, I promise this chili will leave you longing for winter weather!

Keto Cornbread Casserole

If you like a thinner chili, just leave the cover on. I typically let this keto chili sit on the stove on a low simmer all afternoon.


Yep…we are lucky enough to be able to harvest most of the meat that we eat, and I prefer it that way. I know exactly where our meat comes from, what it ate, how it was treated and processed and there are no antibiotics, hormones, fillers, saline solutions or any other crazy business going on with it.

If you don’t have venison, you can use whatever ground meat you have on hand. For this keto chili recipe, we sometimes use a coarser grind than hamburger called a “chili grind”. It gives you larger chunks and more meaty texture…but if all you have is ground meat, use it!  We use both on the Ranch…and believe me both versions are inhaled just the same!

Cornbread Casserole


8 serving




40 minutes



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