Granola Girl Gone Wild

Well, I’ve gotten so much interest surrounding how to cook and prepare keto or low carb venison and wild game dishes that I’m dedicating the next quarter of cooking classes to Venison & Wild Game Keto & Low Carb Recipes…the Granola Girl Gone Wild edition!  This is your opportunity to learn new keto and low carb venison recipes, cooking techniques and preparation methods and more so you can save money and time by utilizing that amazing bounty of meat you have in the freezer!

For this quarter, classes start in April and continue through June.  The program includes the following:

  • Keto/Low Carb Full Meal Demos Featuring Venison or other Wild Game (2 demos per month)
  • Demos/Classes are prerecorded so you can view them at your convenience
  • Downloadable recipes for all meals
  • Skill Drill Videos featuring cooking techniques, preparation methods and other info on game
  • Access to a Private FB group where demo videos will be posted for Q&A
  • Access to the Membership Site and all past recipes, videos and freebies

Who is this for? Do you have a freezer full of venison or wild game you have no idea what to do with? Or maybe you don’t know how to fit venison into your keto or low carb lifestyle? Do you ever open your freezer and are completely panicked by what you see? Do you have a freezer full but still buy meat at the grocery store because you’re intimidated by the thought of cooking venison? Do you through away pounds and pounds of freezer burned venison or game out at the end of each year? Are your venison or wild game recipe options severely limited?

This edition of cooking classes is going to get you cooking that venison or game in the freezer with confidence, creating amazing meals your whole family will love…all while saving you time and money!!

So if you want to go through the first round of Granola Girl Gone Wild, learn to prepare amazing keto and low carb venison recipes, learn secrets for preparing game and the best cooking methods and save yourself time and money(!!) (while making the hunter in your life happy) then it’s time to sign up!  

Spots are limited for this round so grab yours today!  Let’s do this!